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    Welcome to the Good Company Club, a philosophy resource and discussion forum, where we ponder the ponderous question and attempt to answer the unanswerables.  Our goal is to offer a website where philosophy essays, rebuttals, critiques, satire, ideas and literature can be read by those with a philosophical stance on life. 
    We currently have a few regular contributors to this site, but we need people like you to help us grow, and provide fresh new outlooks on philosophy. If you have any essays you wish to contribute,  sagacious ones you have already completed, or if you would like to challenge an essay you have read here, please submit! Include a brief biography, with your email address, if you would like. We will gladly give you a chance to be heard.

    March brings us six new essays, exploring the Oscars, circumcision,  Eastern Religion, and Anselm's Ontological Proof.  They are listed below, and if any seem interesting, check out our Forum to see a complete index of essays. You may also read the essays published in previous months by clicking the appropriate month in the table below.

    1. "Anselm’s Favorite Beverage; Or, Yoohoo Chocolate Drink Exists, God Must Too." By The Satirical Rogue.

    2. "All This Nonsense over a Little Gold Man," by Aaron Thomas

    3. "Does Intention Entail Belief or Does it Consist of Belief?" by Brandon Paradise

    4. "The Oedipus Instinct," by the Rhetorical Ronin

    5. "The Necessary Co-presence of Pain and Pleasure in Ban-Yatra Pilgrimage" by Anne Eva Doer

    6. "Circumcision" by Alan Nicholl


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Philosophy has always thrived on one's need to know. The manifestation of this is that we humans try to outdo one another. We think! We think outside of the box and we think out loud. We explore, educate, ask, answer, learn, and leap! And because of this, we grow. Philosophy is as adamant as it is inquisitive, as vibrant as it continues to refuse to be still.

This is perfectly the story of the asian furniture's evolution into the industry that it is now. Even as it has held on to its earthy attributes, it has also grown, giving birth to the showcase of craftmanship by Asian countries. And Japanese furniture, per se, exemplifies what is starkly beautiful yet bereft of any awkwardness of growing pains. It has risen as the sun, gleaming in its polished simplicity.

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        The Good Company Club also provides students and philosophers with many useful links. We've added two excellent links; One to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and another to We have a multitude of other links to the biographies, works, and criticisms of all the major philosophers, as well as links to discussion forums and philosophy resources.


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