These useful links offer a vast array of different philosophy resources and biographies.
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    Antisthenes: Reference guide presents the life of Antisthenes, the ancient Greek philosopher considered the founder of the Cynicism.
    St. Thomas Aquinas: Read an account of this Benedictine monk born in 1225 CE whose philosophy advocated the views of Aristotle.
: Overview of Aristotle's life, contributions to mathematics and science, myth of his suicide, writings, and bibliography.
    St. Augustine
: Perhaps the most important Christian philosopher and theologian, find a biography, images, and essays on St. Augustine here.
    George Berkeley
: Find a brief biography, a portrait, and a collection of links to other Berkeley resources as well as general philosophy guides.
    William Burroughs
: In a leap of conceptual genius possible only by a brain wholly separated from mainstream thought, Burroughs suggested that the written word is in fact a virus.
    Jacques Derrida
: Guide to the life and work of Derrida includes essays, interviews, a biography, a bibliography, and several links.
: After offering visitors a well-rounded biography of the mathematician, this overview briefly details Descartes' math, science, and philosophy.
: Read a contemporary English translation of Epicurus' philosophical doctrines. Includes links.
    Michael Foucault: Bibliography of Foucault's works with numerous links.
    Sigmund Freud
: Peruse a biography of the founder of psychoanalysis. Examine a bibliography of his work, and access other Freud resources.
    Thomas Hobbes
: Offers a synopsis of the main tenets of Hobbes's moral philosophy, along with some basic biographical details and a few links.   
    David Hume
: Read a biography of Hume and background on his beliefs, check out a list of texts available on the Internet, or follow links to related sites.   
    Immanuel Kant: Read Kant's writings, peruse books and essays about Kant, see pictures of the philosopher, or follow links to other Kant sites.
    Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D.'s Home Page
: The guy who had sex with dolphins...
    John Locke
: Profile on the "Philosopher of Freedom" discusses his principles of modern Empiricism and his radical political treatises. Includes links.
    Karl Marx
: Illustrated and annotated bio of Karl Marx includes links to essays, online texts, and bios of some of his contemporaries and collaborators.
    John S. Mill
: Details the philosopher and mathematician's doctrines regarding logic, political economy, and ethics. Also find a review of his life.
    Friedrich Nietzsche
: Collection of links to Nietzsche texts, essays about his philosophies, tributes, and discussion forums.
    Robert Pirsig
: Explores the philosophy of Robert Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and LILA: An Inquiry into Morals.
Provides a brief description of the life and work of the ancient Greek philosopher. Connect to Plato's works and other philosophy sites.
: Provides a short profile of the ancient Greek philosopher who lived from 480-411 BC.
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
: Rousseau Association provides several biographies, the texts of many of his works, sound clips of music he composed, and links.
    Jean-Paul Sartre
: Biography of this leading existentialist philosopher, with an outline of his thought.
: An examination of Schopenhauer's beliefs, with graphs and links.
    Socrates: Portland State University presents a biography of Socrates, his background, beliefs, and teachings.
    Spinoza: Read about the life, philosophy, and works of the 17th-century Dutch rationalist. Find a bibliography and some of his works.

: Provides a short summary of the life and works of the founder of stoic philosophy.

Philosophy Resources:

    Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy:  A very comprehensive site. Includes thousands of sorted links to philosophy resources on the internet and has several additional features.
    Critical Thinking Community: Articles & other resources that focus on the background and theory of critical thinking.
    Resources for Philosophy on the Internet: The aim of this page is to present a selective listing of the most useful general and special resources for philosophy on the web.
    UF Philosophy Department - Philosophy Resources
    Resources for Teaching Nietzsche: Several different resources, including study guides to The Birth of Tragedy and Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
    Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education On Line: Site made by philosophers of all the world.
    The Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy: Bibliography of works by women in aesthetics, ethics, and many other subjects.
    Philosophy in Cyberspace: Annotated guide to philosophy-related resources on the Internet.
    PhiloSurfer's Pit Stop:
Your one-stop shop for all your philosophy needs.
    The Neural Surfer: Professor David Lane's award-winning website.
    Earlham College Philosophy Resources: Excellent searchable database.
    Philosophy at Large: Wonderful, award-winning site for resources.


Hobbes celebrating his publication of the classic 'Leviathan'
Aaron Paul Bell