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   Welcome to the Good Company Club, a philosophy resource and discussion forum, where we ponder the ponderous question and attempt to answer the unanswerables.  Our goal is to offer a website where philosophy essays, rebuttals, critiques, satire, and literature can be read by those with a philosophical stance on life. 
    We currently have a few regular contributors to this site, but we need people like you to help us grow, and provide fresh new outlooks on philosophy. If you have any essays you wish to contribute,  sagacious ones you have already completed, or if you would like to challenge an essay you have read here, please submit! Include a brief biography, with your email address, if you would like. We will gladly give you a chance to be heard.

    February brings us seven new essays, exploring physics, capital punishment,  and political thought (among other things.) Some of them are listed below, and if any seem interesting, check out our Forum to see a complete index of essays. You may also read the essays published in previous months by clicking the appropriate month in the table below.

       1. "Particles, Plinko, and Past: Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb." By the Satirical Rogue.

    2. "A Modest Proposal: How to Remove Stupidity from the Gene Pool and Make Money at the Same Time." by The Satirical Rogue.

    3. "Rebuttal to the Satirical Rogue's 'Capital Punishment: An Appeal to the Intelligent'" by the Passionate Man

    4. "Looking At Reality Through A Contaminated Worldview," by the Rhetorical Ronin

    6. "How dependent is Hayek’s political thinking on his epistemology and his psychology?" by Patrick Dottridge





    Or, Download them:

February Forum

January Forum (135kb)

December Forum (171kb)

        The Good Company Club also provides students and philosophers with many useful links. We have a multitude of links to the biographies, works, and criticisms of all the major philosophers, as well as links to discussion forums and philosophy resources.

    In December we had a number of intelligent, and silly, comments posted. We have chosen the best and worst of last month:

   The Good"If a theory is logically sound but does not work in the physical world, it is ruled out." (Brandon Paradise, essay)

   The Bad AND The Ugly"Watch the ... steam ... shovels ... they are ... pointing ... to ...our final ... conversion." (Satirical Rogue, essay)



Calvin rocking out after publishing his classic 'Institutes of the Christian Religion' in the 16th century
Aaron Paul Bell

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